In a perspective of continuous improvement, Carone Group aims to develop, document and maintain its own management system of environmental, health and safety appropriately respecting its nature and needs. The most important guidelines of the policy concerning environment, health and safety of the company are available and disseminated to interested parts with continuous updates to ensure their relevance in relation to innovations in the organization, production and technical components of the company. For this purpose, the company has further enhanced its business profile through the achievement of the following certifications:


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ISO 45001

The acronym ISO identifies a standard internationally recognized, which sets the requirements for a management system to protect the safety and health of workers. ISO 45001 is a voluntary certification, which the Group has equipped itself since 2011 to implement objectives and policies in support of safety and health of workers (SSL), (according to the legal obligations and according to the assessment of the hazards and risks that may be present in the workplace). Reduce the number of accidents and prevent occupational diseases, for Carone Group, it is to demonstrate credibility and responsibility towards its employees and institutions, national and local, as well as provide their customers a higher quality of the finished product.

ISO 14001

The acronym ISO 14001, identifies a series of compliance requirements to international standards on environmental management of an organization. The decision to get certified according to ISO 14000, made by the company in 2010, encompasses the determination of Carone Group to plan, implement and maintain alive over time an environmental management system, demonstrating their compliance with regulations on environmental impact of its activities and that strictly and gradually acts as imperative in improving its productive activities. Through this process, Carone Group, allows to facilitate the relationship maintained with the authorities, consumer associations, users and citizens. The corporate image is enhanced and certifies that the Group is committed to reduce the risks by adopting an adequate environmental management.

ISO 9001

The acronym ISO 9001, identifies a set of standards and guidelines developed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which indicate a Management System for Quality formulated to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, as well as for bring benefits to the customer. The Carone Group, through the achievement of this certification in 2000, has a monitoring and measurement system capable of ensuring the effectiveness of the control and make improvements to job performance, enhance competitiveness and visibility in the reference market . This "modus operandi" rationalises operations and reduces waste and optimizes internal communication. The quality system used is able to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of their customers and to those of the next user of the product / service.


The SOA is the document issued by the SOA, which proves that they meet the requirements of Article 8 of the Law of 11 February 1994, n. 109, repealed by Legislative Decree 12 April 2006, n. 163 Code of public contracts for works, services and supplies in implementation of 2004/17 / EC and 2004/18 / EC and in turn repealed by the Legislative Decree of 18 April 2016, n. 50 Implementation of Directives 2014/23 / EU, 2014/24 / EU and 2014/25 / EU on the award of concession contracts, on public procurement and on procurement by entities operating in the water, energy , transport and postal services, as well as to revise the current rules on public contracts for works, services and supplies, currently in force. In fact, with the entry location Albo builders National (now abolished) and by virtue of the new legislation in the field of public procurement, the SOA is now a necessary document to prove the company's ability to sustain any public contract supply and installation with sum starting price is superior to € 150,000.00 (whether it is contract or subcontract).