CARONE GROUP is based on the organic synergy between key figures, that interpret the cardinal aspects of a general construction company. Experiences, skills, the machine park and especially all the people involved in the company growth, have led the Group to develop and consolidate partnerships with major institutions and companies to carry out important works.
The working capital of the structure is well established and lets the Group operate securely within both publics and privates. All the innovations give the structure more flexibility concerning the dynamics of the surrounding environment. Experience allows us to face the problems for increasingly demanding customers, which require specialization and at the same time the capability to adapt to the frontiers that an ever-changing market aheads.
The Group's ability to fulfill not only the task of the building sector but also to take part and support the project development phases, consolidates the relationship with the customer, who is assisted in any case, reacting to any innovation that the industry dynamics offer. The recognition of the relevance and quality of the results obtained is currently a confirmation of the optimal organization of the the Group and represents the urge of growing and working with even greater commitment and sense of responsibility.