01. Civil and industrial buildings, restoration and maintenance of the real estate subject to protection

02. Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, subways

03. Earthmoving

04. Aqueducts, Gas pipelines, Oil pipelines and Cable pipelines

05. Fluvial precautionary works, hydraulic overhaul and land reclamation

06. Systems for the production of energy, for the transformation of high or medium voltage and for the distribution of electrical energy in alternate and continuous current

07. Special structural works

08. Green and urban furniture

09. Assistance to archaeological excavations

10. Trailer Services, transport of material and of water for drinking and industrial use

11. Rental of truck cranes and aerial work platforms

12. Snow-clearing services and salt spreaders

13. Works of realization and maintenance of civil and industrial works in the mining sector

14. Engineering services

Preliminary planning, final and executive of civil buildings, industrial buildings and roads, structural computations, construction supervision and organization of the site, job accounting, restructuring, restore, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, recoveries, conservative remediation, taking over of work